Meet champion of movement, Physiotherapist and Masters-trained women’s health expert, Anna Scammell from The Whole Mother and learn her 'Top 5 reasons why exercise in water is good practice for women during early motherhood'.

It's Women’s Health Week in Australia (from Monday September 2nd) and the theme of day one is ‘Mighty Movement’. Movement has been a powerful part of my story; I’ve studied it, built my business Frog Orange around it and guided my children by the principle of being active.

When confronted by the demands of managing three children every day – getting into water and taking on water-based exercise turns my highly emotional world into an intellectual and physical challenge that provides resilience and a foundation for renewal and recovery.

So as founder of Frog Orange neoprene baby carriers (that are awesome in the wet), I was super keen to learn from expert Anna Scammell on why exercise in water is good practice for optimal health and wellbeing particularly during early mother hood.

Top 5 reasons why exercise in water is good practice:

1. Low impact way to return to exercise postpartum

2. Safe for pelvic floor muscles

3. Gentle on your joints

4. Water provides resistance for strength training

5. Improves cardiovascular fitness

Exercise in water - Aquabubs

    Anna advocates exercise as a way to not only improve your physical strength and fitness, but to improve a woman’s state of mind particularly during pregnancy and postpartum.The effective application of movement requires practice. Simple but not easy. Making time for movement is the oft-cited reason for why it’s too hard. Integration is key.

    I also take inspiration from our Australian first Aquabubs program with Speedo Fitness Club that offers an achievable regular forum for water-based exercise for both mothers and babies based in Bondi, Sydney.

    Speedo AquaBubs

    ‘Mighty’ movement charges us to be open-minded, curious and able to see the world from another perspective. I am happiest when I am in the water - the smell, the salt, how it invigorates me and when it was – and still can be sometimes - a scary new world it’s my belief the magic of movement in water can carry us all forward to a healthier harbour.



    Frog Orange Founder + Director

    Victoria Boag

    September 02, 2019 — Victoria Boag

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