When we first designed our Frog Orange neoprene baby carrier the idea was to help parents keep their baby safe around water, but we soon realised our unique design was much more versatile than for just for the beach.

So, when our gorgeous customer Juliana began sharing pics of everyday adventures with her Explorer baby carrier we wanted to share her story with you.

Frog Orange neoprene baby carrier

"We use our carrier everywhere! It’s the only one we have as we sold our other one because it was too bulky!" - Juliana

Meet Juliana!


Frog Orange neoprene baby carrier

We live in Rye, Mornington Peninsula. Our little family includes me, my husband Kyle, our daughter Summer (9 months) and our two pugaliers Kobe & Peppa. 

The climate here is pretty mild all-year-around. No frost and rarely gets to super high temperatures - it’s just perfect. The beach gets a bit windy, and in peak season it’s busy! 

Our happy place is really just together. We moved here from the country not knowing many people so we love just being together either at home, or out and about. Nothing really beats the beach in summer though!

My biggest challenge so far has been staying active and motivated after going through a huge body change during pregnancy and the lack of sleep. But we're so lucky, Summer is a great bubba!


Frog Orange neoprene baby carrier


So, the everyday ways I enjoy our Frog Orange in our temperate climate are:


  • Obviously the beach...best baby carrier for summer in the water and now it's winter we use it for our family walks.
  • Walking with the dogs through the Red Hill hinterland forest
  • Farmer's Markets
  • Best baby carrier for walking down the street or to cafes in busy times when prams are too bulky
  • At home doing the dishes etc... when she is going through fussy periods and wants to be close (helps me to be organised and functional).
  • Supervising construction ☺️ (she was in the carrier while we were building our fence)

"It’s the best adventure baby carrier. It's helped so much to have something to just chuck on so easily - 4 x clicks and you’re done! It’s not bulky and it just hangs on the rack at our front door at all times ready to go!" - Juliana

Frog Orange neoprene baby carrier

    Thanks Juliana - we loved putting this Blog together and learning about all the ways your carrier helps you and the reasons why it's not just the best baby carrier for water. Victoria :)

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    July 11, 2019 — Victoria Boag

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