Fortunately, in Australia it’s common to be invited to join a parents group once you’ve welcomed your baby into the world.  Mother's groups, Parents groups and Dads groups, whatever ever group you have joined, the benefits go beyond coffee-drinking and sharing information. Being connected with local people going through the same life stage as you, has mental and physical health benefits for parents, and is great for baby's development too... we want to extend the benefits to buying together to get special deals! 

Frog Orange is a lifestyle brand, we exists to get families out of the house and enjoying the sun, sand, fresh air and the magic that comes from being in the water. Perfect for our Aussie climate, our all seasons baby carrier for water is made from soft stretch neoprene, safety certified to international standards for ages 2months - 2years (4kg - 15kg). Our unique ergonomic design enables buoyancy and ensures you carry your little adventurer in the "M" seat position, whilst keeping your little one warm when wet. Beach days made easy, hands free fun, if you also have older children to supervise. Babies learn through sensory experiences, its encouraged to develop confidence in your baby and a life long love of the water by early introduction -  why not try a postnatal Aqua class together at your local pool? 

In cooler months, the Explorer keeps baby safe, warm and insulated from the wind and cold, at the playground, camping or in the snow.


You love your parents group, why not share the savings with them? If you are a member of a Parents Group (or have multiple friends or family members with small children) and are interested in buying 4 or more EXPLORER baby carriers please contact us at so we can offer you a Parents Group Discount.  

We offer a flat rate of $25 Australia-wide no matter how many carriers you order. 

Benefits of meeting other parents include:

  • Becoming part of an instant support network,
  • Learning from each other and discovering different ways of parenting,
  • Taking time out from home life,
  • Connecting and making new friends in your local area,
  • Finding out about childcare options or activities for young ones,
  • Being able to talk about your feelings and emotions as a new parent, and
  • The opportunity to make life-long friends.

 Look out in your community or online to join a parents group today. 

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