• Weight range 4kg - 15kg (up to 2 years)
  • Made of wetsuit material/neoprene
  • Two facing-in ergonomic 'M' carry positions (recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute)
  • Arms under - from 2 mths, 53cms length, 4kgs/9Ibs (head support required)
  • Arms over - from 6 mths, 65cms length (head support no longer required)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Product weight 600grams
  • Safety Certified CEN/TR 16512_2015 (EU), ASTM F2236-16a (USA)
  • 30 day refund of exchange (T&C's apply)


  • Infants can fall through wide leg openings or out of carrier.
  • Before each use, ensure all fasteners are secured.
  • Check all seams are intact, straps are untorn and fabric has no tears.
  • Take special care when leaning or walking. Never bend at the waist, always at the knees.
  • Ensure baby is positioned correctly in carrier before entering the water.
  • Only use this carrier for children 4kg - 15kg (9lb - 33lb)

SUFFOCATION WARNINGS - Infants under 4 months can suffocate in this product if their face is pressed tightly against your body. Always allow for head movement and ensure your child’s chin is never resting on their chest. Constantly monitor your child and ensure their mouth and nose are unobstructed at all times. For preterm/low birth weight babies, and children with medical conditions, please seek advice from a health professional before using this product. This product is designed for one child at any given time. Keep carrier away from children when not in use. This carrier is not to be used when engaging in activities such as cooking or cleaning, or any other activity that exposes a heat source or chemicals. Carrier is only to be worn when the wearer has full body mobility and accessibility to infant/child. This carrier is made of neoprene which can make you and your infant hot if used for extended periods of time during warmer months.

TICKS Rules for Safe Babywearing (ACCC Product Safety Australia)

  • Tight: Carrier should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you.
  • In view at all times: You should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply glancing down.
  • Close enough to kiss: By tipping your head forward you should be able to kiss your baby on the head.
  • Keep chin off the chest: A baby should never be curled so that their chin is forced onto their chest as this can restrict their breathing.
  • Supported back: The baby’s back should be supported in a natural position so their tummy and chest are against you.


This product is designed for wadding and splashing in water only and is not suitable for use during any sporting activities. Ensure you never submerge babies head under the water while using this product. Be mindful of water levels and general surroundings at all times.

Frog Orange Pty Ltd does not, under any circumstance, assume any responsibility for accident or injury (of any type) as a result of use, or misuse, of its products. Use of Frog Orange products by the purchaser (and all subsequent users) is undertaken at the users own risk.