Our Story


Enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with your family

Frog Orange is a family fun lifestyle brand designed to help parents enjoy fun, safe adventures with their baby or toddler. Australian owned, our unique neoprene baby carrier is perfect for our customers who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, whether that be the beach, pool, park, boat or snow. 

The journey started back in 2016, with original founder, Victorian based 'murfer' (mum who surfs) Victoria Boag.  The design of Australia’s first ever wetsuit baby carrier Original Adventurer, took 10 prototypes, 3 sessions with a baby-wearing consultant and 2 trips to our German owned & managed factory based in Thailand. The premium Explorer Baby Carrier was developed and launched after rigorous design and testing, made from 100% high quality (wet suit material) neoprene, its versatile, durable and safety certified for up to 15kg, to carry your little adventurer in the ergonomic "M" seat position.

Frog orange changed ownership in the Spring of 2021, and moved to sunny Queensland, the tropical holiday capital of Australia. The perfect location to breathe new life into this brand after the unprecedented COVID times. I am Lauren, a midwife, and my husband Justin works in the maritime safety industry, we have an affinity for the water, spending most weekends with our two boys at the beach, or on the boat. Our part of the story began 10 years ago on a family holiday to Vanuatu, our youngest was 18mths and loved being in his sling. I therefore spent much of the time on the side of the pool under a sleeping toddler. I saw a mum floating in the pool with her baby draped around her with a mesh piece material as a makeshift waterproof carrier, whilst playing with her toddler. I came home from that holiday full of drive to design one, but then life got in the way. Fast forward and and a serendipitous opportunity to take over the ownership of Frog Orange presented itself, there was no other option than to make an offer and learn the ropes of owning and running an E-commerce business.  This brand represents all of my passions - family, fun, babies and the magic of being in the water.

Our ultimate goal is to make water fun easy for families of little ones. They are comfortable and colourful, evoking a sense of fun, whilst also being a product for safety. All our wetsuit baby carriers are safety certified to either USA or EU standards (there is no Australian standard for baby carriers) suitable for age 2months to 2 years, and keep your little one warm when wet. 

High tides, and beach vibes