Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between the Original Adventurer (Baby) & the Explorer (Toddler) carriers?

The Original Adventurer (Baby) is made of 3mm single knit nylon neoprene throughout with a 28cm stretch seat width and standard strap reinforcement.

The new Explorer Carrier (Toddler) has additional design features for extra comfort and safety when carrying heavier babies and toddlers including:

  • Double knit nylon inner shell to reinforce shape and ensure correct tension across baby's bottom and back.
  • New 4mm durable panel across the racer-back and shoulder straps for optimal weight distribution, comfort and strength.
  • Deeper bucket seat design and 31cm stretch seat width for larger babies.
  • Stronger buckle reinforcement for limited strap slippage.

Can I use these carriers with a newborn?

The minimum weight is 4kg (9Ibs), however we recommend for the baby to be approximately 2-3 months OR when their newborn posture (legs and arms flexed) have relaxed so that they can sit in the carrier comfortably and correctly. 

Can I use my Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier as a regular carrier too?

Our wetsuit baby carriers are designed and safety certified to use as fully functional infant carriers. This means they can be used for hijinks outside in all-weather.

  • Super convenient to/from the beach, pool, hotel or home.
  • Awesome for the water (especially in the waves).
  • Great protection on a cold winter's day in the rain, wind or snow.

Does the wetsuit material make you hot?

If it's cold, raining or even snowing then you've hit the sweet spot with Frog Orange as our wetsuit material is always happy and warm in the wet.

If you're in the sunshine and enjoying family adventures wearing our wetsuit baby carriers and you're in the water, you will be cool. Even if you're only ankle deep, your body temperature cools and so will your baby. A little splash from time to time will also add to the fun too.

If you are walking around the streets on a super hot day for extended periods of time, the wetsuit material will make you hot. 

Can I carry my baby facing-out too?

No, our carriers do not correctly support the facing-out position. Our carrier designs have two facing-in positions to allow your baby’s hips to spread and straddle your body, knees are apart, thighs supported and hips bent to form an "M" sitting position as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as 'hip healthy'.

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