BUBFIT at Speedo Fitness Club, Bondi Beach in Sydney, offers the best & most diverse range of pre & postnatal exercise classes, including their water based AQUABUBS class that's designed for new parents and their bubs using a Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier.

The idea came from Craig Burns, co-owner of Speedo Fitness Club and Speedo Swim Centre who has four children of his own and saw first-hand the struggle his partner encountered when trying to juggle a new baby and a fitness regime.

Craig Burns - co-owner Speedo Fitness Club

'One time she joined the back of an aqua aerobics class while still holding our 12 month old baby... She came home telling me what a great class it was and how she felt like she was actually able to do something for herself whilst still bonding with our baby in the water.'

Then they discovered the Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier and AQUABUBS was born...

The Speedo Fitness Club AQUABUBS class enables parents to participate in low impact (medium to high intensity) exercise, bond with baby and introduce them to water at the same time. The class layout was curated by SFC fitness instructor Diana Antonijevic and we love this so much we asked her to share her "Top 5 exercises you can do in water with your Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier"

1. Glute Kicks (back, side, knee lift)

Standing nice and straight facing the pool edge with soft arms touching the wall, kick behind as high as you can bending forward as little as possible. Straight leg, pointed toes, locked knee. 20+ reps per set each.

Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier + Aquabubs

2. Chest Peck-Deck (BubHug)

Holding your water discs (floaters) or water dumbbells, extend your arms out at chest level and push towards your centre as if you are hugging your bub. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and lower back tight. 10-20+ reps per set.

Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier + Aquabubs

3. Backward Kick (with noodle)

Place the noodle behind your back and under your armpits letting the baby float on top of you (still in baby carrier). Brace your baby on both sides with the ends of the noodle and lying on your back, kick full cycle as fast as you can. 2 laps of 25m pool.

Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier + Aquabubs

4. Biceps & Triceps

Hold your water discs (floaters or water dumbbells) close down the sides of your body, lift fast upwards bending your elbows only and keeping them tight to your sides, then open fast downwards locking your triceps with elbows next to your sides. 20+ reps per set.

Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier + Aquabubs

5. Side Step

Stepping to one side with a wide open stance. Complete the full length of the pool and then back the other side leading with the opposite leg.

Frog wetsuit baby carriers + aquabubs


Click the link for more information about Speedo Fitness Club Aquabubs or Frog Orange wetsuit baby carriers.


May 13, 2019 — Archetype Themes Collaborator

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