Lauren and Remi from Happy Family Adventures are an international nomad family of four currently travelling around Australia.

People often ask them if it is hard to adventure with little ones... They say, of course it's hard...They have the usual challenges that every parent has with kids... But to them parenting outside makes life with kids that much easier... so we asked them to share their top 8 tips with us.  

1. Plan ahead and research

Try and have an outline of a general plan before heading off. Things will never go according to plan but the more things you have researched and planned ahead of time the less things you have to do in the moment. For example, researching kid friendly activities, buying tickets online ahead of time (saves hassle, avoids line ups and sometimes cheaper than buying at the door)

2. Involve the kids

Think about how you can involve the kids in the planning and the process of travel. Having them help out along the way increases their self-confidence, makes them feel included and part of something, and gives them new learning experiences. For example, can they hold the map to help direct you somewhere? Can they help set up the tent with you? Or carry and pack their own suitcase?

3. Pack Light

Less is more with kids. While packing, choose quality over quantity. The less you have to lug around the better. Choose only one or two special toys/books and keep the rest at home. Kids will always have fun playing in the outdoors and using nature as their toy box.

4. Have the right gear

Gear will make all the difference in your travels. Again, go for quality items like a Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier that will last and uphold. Remember that things take quite a beating while travelling with kids so think durable and strong.

Frog Orange adventure baby carrier

Remi is wearing the Original Adventure wetsuit baby carrier in Silver Mist

5. Keep the kids needs met 

It’s easy to get carried away with busy schedules of fun activities during your travels. Being busy and in a different setting can throw out your routine. It’s important to keep and eye on when the kids last ate, slept, used the toilet etc. as meltdowns tend to happen when children’s basic needs aren’t met. Try and plan your day around these things to ensure the kids are having regular snacks/meals and having the rest they need. Seems simple enough but doing this will ensure you have happy kids and therefore happy parents!

6. Snacks!

This is in addition to number 3 but it’s worth adding in as an extra. Snacks will be your best friend! Not only are they great for those hunger urges and keeping up the energy but it also serves as a great distraction if you need to do something important.

Frog Orange adventure baby carrier

7. Slow down

Travelling with kids will be totally different than travel without kids. Enjoy looking at the world through a child’s eyes where everything is new and exciting. There is nothing better than watching the wonder in your child’s eyes as they explore and experience something new. Slow down and allow your child to observe and take in the world around them at their own pace. Neither the parents nor the kids will enjoy rushing and pushing the kids to hurry up. Plan only a few things a day so you can enjoy those things to the fullest without hurrying to the next activity. This also allows time for rest and food breaks (going back to number 5 tip).

8. Have fun with them 

Pat yourself on the back for making these efforts to give your family these experiences and know that these are the times your children will cherish and remember. Let your hair down, have fun and take pleasure in these moments together as a family.

Frog Orange adventure baby carrier

You can see more of Lauren and Remi Guyon from Happy Family Adventures on their Youtube Channel and Instagram 

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March 28, 2019 — Victoria Boag

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