Hi Maria, we love your awesome Byron Bay surf brand for women so it's super exciting to have you as a guest on our Blog. Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a designer, artist, curator and surfer living in Byron Bay.  I’m originally from Sweden, and I moved to sunny Australia 2007 where I fell in love with the quirky & weird down under style of life. I've studied design, art, print making and textile/ fashion design and have a wetsuit brand called Atmosea, based in Byron. I also work as a designer for The Bare Road & Children of the Tribe.  On my down time I like to hang out with my gurfs (girl surfer) and gurf dog – Gurfy.   

Maria Nillson

And your surf wear label Atmosea?

Atmosea is not only a wetsuit brand. It is a lifestyle concept.

Atmosea is an invitation for every woman to celebrate freedom, inclusivity and community. We wear our armor as a message of power and pride in liberating ourselves from expectations and intimidation. Atmosea is more than sheathing you with comfort, practicality and flair. It is a culture that allows people to harbor their differences, creating a nurturing and accepting environment for female surfers across the globe. We are empowered women to empower other women as these wetsuits connect us towards a more progressive and all-encompassing surfing community.Atmosea

When and how did you first learn to Surf?

I fell in love with surfing when I moved to Australia in 2007. Before that I was working in St. Anton, Austria in a snowboard shop called Surfers Paradise for the snowy season. This is when I started my surfing crush. My boss was an Aussie and he was always playing surf movies in the shop. I used to watch them and think WOW one day I will do that! I got obsessed with the movie Lords of Dog Town, watched it probably a million times. After the snow season, I moved to Australia and got a job in a surf shop in Bondi called Dripping wet. My boss John was very determined to teach me to surf and he took me surfing before work every day & showed the coolest spots from the Central Coast to the South Coast, always up for trips and super early mornings. I surfed every day, even if the waves were rubbish. One day we were down south of Sydney. Then I finally felt like the struggle had eased and I could do little turns. I was in love with the feeling of getting pushed off nature's energy. Being able to have learnt to communicate with the sea was a crazy feeling. All sorts of electricity would run through my body. That was my first "surfgasm" ha ha.

What are you most passionate about?

Two things that seem to take up most of my time are the ocean & creating. Creating things makes me sane. Surfing is another unconscious creativity. Your brain has to respond what mother ocean creates and delivers. Go with the flow of the ocean. If you try to plan your ride, the ocean will show you that she’s the boss. Natures creativity is something else, as you never know what your brain will come up with once the sea surprises you.  

Congratulations on becoming a Mama for the first time (very soon). How do you imagine life will be once your new babe arrives?

Life in nature. Time without a watch around the wrist. Days should be all about hanging out with the new little creature and my husband, dog and friends. Sitting under a Pandanus tree breastfeeding with sand between my toes.


Do you think your Frog Orange Wetsuit Baby Carrier will help you continue your outdoor lifestyle?

I am looking forward to going on many adventures with my new baby, so the Frog Orange Wetsuit Baby Carrier will help me get around in the water. Plus as a frog is known to have a really good eye sight, I'll be able to see in all directions. :)

Have you entered our Instagram competition? To celebrate our shared passion for the water, we're giving away an Atmosea Swimsuit and Explorer Wetsuit Baby Carrier.  Competition ends Sat 15 Dec 5pm.  

December 13, 2018 — Archetype Themes Collaborator

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