Frog Orange Neoprene Baby Carriers - Your Ultimate Guide


Frog Orange neoprene baby carrierFrog Orange neoprene baby carriers: So you've always loved an outdoor lifestyle, and now that you've had a baby, you're wondering how you can continue to enjoy it?

Well, you need to learn more about how Frog Orange neoprene baby carriers can help you enjoy the magic of the outdoors in comfort and safety, and then a little bit more about safe baby wearing...

There are so many different baby carriers on the market, how do you know what the best one is for you and your lifestyle? First things first, one of the key benefits of baby wearing is they enable you to bond with your baby with your hands-free.

How do I get in the pool to enjoy the water and get active with a baby? I love the ocean in Summer, but how do I do that safely with my baby and toddler at the same time? Are some questions Mums and Dads struggle with and a Frog Orange neoprene baby carrier is the ultimate solution.

Why Frog Orange? Frogs are amphibious, and our Australian designed baby carriers can keep baby safe both in and out of water. Our premium baby carriers made from neoprene (wetsuit material).

  1. Frog Orange Explorer neoprene baby carrier

      Frog Orange Explorer Neoprene Baby Carrier

      Safety Certified up to 15kg/33Ibs

      Frog Orange neoprene baby carrierEnjoy fun, safe and easy family adventures with your premium Frog Orange Explorer neoprene baby carrier. Made from 100% high quality (wetsuit material) neoprene, it's versatile, durable, safety certified and easy to put on.

      Carry your little adventurer in the ergonomic "M" seat position in water at the beach or pool for hands-free and safe supervision or insulate them against the wind and cold on the boat, at the playground, camping or snow during winter.

      Buoyant and resistant to water, salt, stains and rust. Excellent heat insulation and wind protection. Machine washable. Quick drying, easy to carry and comes in a mesh carry bag. One Year Warranty and FREE 30 day Return or Exchange.

      • Made from 100% high quality neoprene
      • Approximate age 2 months up to 2 years (not suitable for newborns)
      • Minimum (baby) length 53cm and weight 4kg(9Ibs) to maximum 15kg(33Ibs) out of water
      • Adjustable straps and quick-release safety buckles
      • Head & neck support for younger babies
      • Two facing-in ergonomic 'M' carry positions recommended by the International Hip Displaysia Institute. No facing-out positions.
      • Product weight 620 grams (1.3Ibs)
      • Product care
      • Safety Certified CEN/TR 16512_2015 (EU), ASTM F2236-16a (USA)
      • Download Instructions

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