Frog Orange is the only neoprene baby carrier of it's kind in the world and we supply exclusively within Australia to fitness clubs and swim centres to deliver their own AQUABUBS class.

An AQUABUBS class enables a water workout for parents (Mums and Dads) with their babies. Exercises are low impact, but not low intensity, and with added aqua equipment it's a great way to get fit and bond with baby in water. AQUABUBS classes are currently been offered at the following centres EC Sportz, Focus on Movement, Noosa Aquatics Centre and Speedo Swim Centre


Interested developing an AQUABUBS class? Welcome! We love working with creative recreation and fitness professionals to help new parents enjoy low impact water based activity with their babies.

Please send us a note using the form below or email and we can send you our exclusive supplier rates and program support package.



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