Because our Frog Orange wetsuit adventure gear takes the stress out of family travel, we’ve become slightly obsessed with reading family travel blogs, so we wanted to share our Top 5 Family Travel Blogs with you and why we think they’re so awesome.

Top 5 Family Travel Blogs

By The Sea  With Three

As well as being the go-to website for family travel, By The Sea with Three features a 'Where They Wander' section with guest contributors who share their favourite family-friendly destinations and their secret tips. Read all about Sam Wood & Snezana Markoski's Favourite Destination or Survivor's Lee & El's visit to Fraser Island. We secretly love finding out where the celebs holiday and how they do it.  Sarah, the gorgeous editor in chief is winning with this one.

Mum With Wings

Also based on the Mornington Peninsula, Jade from  Mum With Wings is an international flight attendant, Mum of two and has the best tips on airports & flights, holidays & destinations, how to plan and get ready for the your travel. Thanks Jade, hope to see you around the hood.

Jet Setting Kids

Get ready...Get set...GO! Aussie based Jetsetting Kids shares fun family travel ideas from around the globe. Paula's resource guide is awesome. Her secret for happy travels with children in tow is research, uber-preparation and a sense of humour. There's the best list of travel links and apps that you can use the get you on your way. You're a master of your trade Paula x 

Bring The Kids

Prepare to get totally inspired to live a life full of adventure and excitement with the kids. Jessica, Andrew and their FIVE kids travel full time as a family and share the things they've tried and loved on Bring the Kids. Their goal is to inspire other families to go after their dreams and see more of the amazing wonders around our world.  They figure if they can do it with 5 kids in tow, then pretty much anyone can do it! You are truly an inspiration Jessica. x

 Holidays With Kids
Holidays with Kids are the big kahuna in family travel! OMG they have everything, so when they say 'Specialists in Family Travel' they mean it. You're doing yourself a huge favour stopping by here first if you don't know where to start planning, plus they print their own mag and deliver it straight to your door. Perfect for former travel junkies and now family peeps. x


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June 05, 2018 — Victoria Boag

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