Product Specifications


  • Made of high quality neoprene (wetsuit material)
  • Approximate age 2 months up to 1 year (not suitable for newborns)
  • Minimum (baby) length 53cm and weight¬†4kg(9Ibs) to maximum weight 9kg(20Ibs) out of water. Neoprene floats. You can safely carry babies up to 11kg(24Ibs) in water.
  • Adjustable straps and quick-release safety buckles
  • Head & neck support for younger babies
  • Two facing-in ergonomic 'M' carry positions recommended by International Hip Dysplasia Institute. No facing-out positions.
  • Product weight 600 grams (1.3Ibs)
  • Product care
  • Safety Certified CEN/TR 16512_2015
  • Download Instructions

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