Top 5 Differences between our Explorer & Original Adventurer Carriers

"What's the difference between the New Explorer (Toddler) and the Original Adventurer (Baby) carriers?" Well, read on to find out...


1. Safety certified weight range

Explorer (Toddler)

Original Adventurer (Baby)


4kg-15kg (approx 2mos < 2 years)

Safety Certified (USA) ASTM F2236-16a and (Europe) CEN/TR 16512_2015

4kg - 9kg
(approx 2mos < 1 year)

Safety Certified (Europe) CEN/TR 16512_2015

2.  Inner nylon shell fabric

The Explorer has a double knit nylon inner shell to reinforce shape and ensure correct tension for heavier babies whilst the Original Adventurer has a single knit nylon layer throughout.


3. Racer back and shoulder straps design

The Explorer has a new 4mm durable panel across the racer-back and shoulder straps for optimal weight distribution, comfort and strength whilst the Original Adventurer has a 3mm throughout suitable for lighter babies.


4. Seat width and shape design

The Explorer has a deeper bucket seat design and 31cm stretch seat width for larger babies whilst the Original Adventurer has a 28cm stretch seat width for smaller ones.


5. Colour range


Explorer (Toddler) Original Adventurer (Baby)
Luxe Navy Luxe Navy
Silver Mist Silver Mist
Royal Blue Royal Blue
Carbon Grey
Deep Green
Bright Red

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