Info & Safety

important safety information and instructions

Our carriers are safety tested according to European Standards CEN/TR 16512 (2015) as there are no safety standards in Australia.
For more information on safe baby wearing in Australia see


Not only the perfect accessory for introducing water play to a new baby while keeping them close, this is a fully functional infant carrier that supports the all-important "M" position of baby's legs recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (this is where your baby's bottom sits lower than their knees). The face-to-face carry positions also enable you can share more smiles with your baby and monitor their safety at the same time.


Our carriers have been safety tested CEN/TR 16512 (2015) to carry a maximum weight of 9kg out of the water. As neoprene is buoyant (keeps afloat in water) you can also safely carry heavier babies up to 11kg in the arms over position when submerged in the water, but always take utmost care and use your best judgement.

How to put your carrier on

TURN YOUR BABY SEAT UP. Unlike other carriers, we turn the base of ours up to create a comfy bucket seat for your little one. Roll the seat up towards you.



T.I.C.K.S Rule for safe baby wearing

  • Tight
  • In view at all times
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off chest
  • Supported back

Member of Baby Carrier International Alliance (BCIA) since 2014.


  • Safety first. The carrier is designed for wading and splashing in water only.
  • Do not go swimming (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly) or surf waves whilst your baby is attached to you.
  • Do not submerge your baby's head in water.
  • Be mindful of water conditions and general surroundings when using the carrier.
  • This carrier is made of neoprene which can make you hot. Do not wear it out of the water for extended periods of time in hot weather.
  • Ensure your child's chin is not resting on its chest as its breathing may be restricted which could lead to suffocation.

Made in Thailand

Our carriers are made by a German manufacturer based in Thailand. We've visited our factory and can ensure they are made for children not by children and are produced in ethical manufacturing conditions.