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Rashoodz Swimwear Founder Laura Furiosi tells us her top five tips to keep your baby sun safe at the beach

 Pineapple and Parrot, Rashoodz Swimwear

Pineapple and Parrot, Rashoodz Swimwear

Top five tips to keep your baby sun safe at the beach

1. When you arrive at the beach the first thought should be to shade. Find either a tree to set up base for the afternoon, or a shade tent or umbrella. Shade is your first protection from the suns harmful rays and it is also important so your child doesn’t overheat. There are some great portable shade tents for the beach these days that you can buy from the cancer council. 

2. Sunscreen is vital, but choose wisely. A trip to the beach without sunscreen is going to end in sunburn, however young children need a special type of sunscreen. You should look for a sunscreen designed for sensitive skin and for their correct age bracket.

It is best to cover your baby more in sun protective clothing than sunscreen and then use sunscreen on the area’s not covered.

It is also super important with sunscreen to spot test before covering your baby in it. There have been some dramatic images of late of babies and sunscreen allergic reactions, so always spot test first and see how your baby’s skin will react.

3. Hats are also a must for a trip to the beach. There are many types of hats available but you need to choose wisely if your goal is to protect your child from sun damage. There are so many bucket hat with such a small brim that it hardly protects much of the face. Make sure if you choose a bucket hat that the brim keeps the sun off your child’s face and neck. 

In regards to legionaries’ hat choose one that has a long enough flap at the back to cover the baby’s neck and base neck. Babies are usually not fans of wearing hats to start with so try to encourage and praise your child when they leave their hats on. If you are still finding it difficult to keep their hats on, then you can look at hats that attach to their swimsuits like a Rashoodz Swimwear rashie that has the hat clipped on at the back.

4. You might not think babies need sunglasses but they are a must. Sunglasses keep everyone’s eye protected including babies. Lots of damage can actually be done in a child’s first few years. Just as you protect your eyes you also need to protect theirs.  Look for sunglasses that are rated category three of the Australian Standards for UV protection. Make sure hey have lenses with UV 400 protection.

5. Sun protective clothing is vital when you are at the beach. Always look for UPF50+ swimwear to offer your baby the best protection from the sun. Long sleeves and long leg swimwear is the best option because as mentioned before the more that your child is covered the less sunscreen you need to put on. To check out some great UPF50+ swimwear designed perfectly for babies and toddlers check out

Enjoy your next trip to the beach following these tips and you will have a much safer and happier day!

Rashoodz Swimwear Founder Laura Furiosi