Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier

Bondi Beach Surf Life Safer Anthony 'Harries' Carroll Gives us his Top 5 Tips to Stay Safe in the Water

Our fabulous friend Harries Carroll did an amazing demo of Frog Orange with son Leo for Studio 10 earlier this month AND being a super star Surf Life Saver (Bondi Rescue style), Harries also gave us his top 5 tips for staying safe at the beach this Summer. With Summer well and truly heating up we wanted to share his super handy tips!


Always use a good quality sunscreen.

Harries loves Solar D Sunscreen to do the job.


Always swim between the flags.

The flags mark the area patrolled by surf lifesavers and lifeguards. They mark the safest place to swim at the beach, because if the surf lifesavers or lifeguards can't see you – they can't save you.


Know your limitations.

Raise your hand and call out for a life guard if you're in trouble and if you see someone else who needs help, don't swim out and try and rescue that person.


If you’re stuck out in a rip, remain calm and try to stay afloat.


Sand etiquette - don't flick sand in other people's faces.


Hope Harries' tips help you enjoy the rest of the Australian Summer safely.