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How To Enjoy A Family Holiday With Confidence By These Little Wanderers

Who are you and why These Little Wanderers?

Hi! I am Michelle. I am mother to two vivacious littlies, non coffee (or wine!) drinker, outdoor enthusiast and former teacher turned World Wanderer. Put simply, I love to travel. It has taught me so much and is, in more ways than one, the reason I am the person I am today. Its also most certainly the reason I have taken this path of creating These Little Wanderers.

Before kids I lived and travelled abroad for almost 6 years, spending a lot of my time around the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. It was challenging, fun and exciting.....

Then we had our first child. He was a toughie to say the least. I didn't take to this motherhood thing like a duck to water, hell sometimes I felt like I had NO IDEA what I was doing. When we decided to make a break for it and go back to Bali (our home prior to baby) for a visit. I totally freaked out. Sure, I had travelled alone, with friends and with my partner before. But I had never travelled with a baby. How would he sleep? Where would he sleep? What did I need? What is totally unnecessary? It all flew through my mind and I felt totally overwhelmed. I searched for everything that was out there and it wasn't easy to find one place with all the info and products to help make travel with kids easier.

A few trips and another baby later, the drive to find something of my own to work on led me back to that moment. I knew so many other friends who had felt the same way, so I started to wonder if I could create a central hub for parents that would help them travel more confidently with their kids in tow. I wanted products, services, things to do, information and hints/tips, and so These Little Wanderers was born. 

What are your 5 top holiday spots with kids under 10 years?

I don't think I can list top 5! I really think it depends on what YOUR family want from the experience, which is such a vital role in planning your holiday. Is it adventure? Theme parks and a buzz city? Snow or the sun? Beaches that are relaxing and secluded... There are so many factors to take into consideration and everyone wants different things out of a destination. I will say that within Australia our personal Top Destination with our kids is the Byron area. We love staying in Brunswick or Lennox Head so we're a little out of the hustle and bustle of town, but it is just such a beautiful region to explore. With the waterfalls and walks in the Hinterlands, to the gorgeous beaches and water ways. Amazing food options every where you look, plus not being too far from the Gold Coast if you feel like a Theme Park Day. I don't think anyone would be disappointed in a break to the far north coast of NSW. 

Can you describe what makes a relaxing family holiday for you with your kids?

Being the partner of a surfer, our destinations usually include the beach. We love being around the ocean. There is something so calm, yet energising about it. To us, relaxing is as simple as getting out of the usual day to day routines of home life and enjoying time together. Whether it be a day at the beach building sandcastles, or exploring something new together. Reading a book while the kids run around with their dad, taking them to taste new foods and meet new people. They're the best parts of every holiday, experiencing it through their eyes and with their enthusiasm. I would never say no to a lovely massage or two thrown in along the way though! 

Frog Orange was invited to join These Little Wanderers directory, why?

I guess you can see by now that water and our lives are kind of intertwined, as are a lot of families, especially Australians. When I first came across Frog Orange I was blown away that I didn't come up with the idea myself lol. It just made sense. We baby wear, and LOVE to baby wear. Both of my kids basically lived on my chest for the first few months of their lives. With our daughter being born in summer it was not always so comfy. Taking our son to the beach and pool, often on my own, meant carrying her and trying to stay in knee deep water (wearing a t-shirt so I wasn't sweating all over her) so I didn't get the waist strap wet because it took FOREVER to dry.

Cue Frog Orange! As soon as I noticed it, I knew how many other Mums and Dads out there would find it amazing. Not only does it dry quickly and add some buoyancy, but it packs so slim lined that I knew it was the perfect carrier for any destination with water play or tropical weather involved. We HAD to have it on These Little Wanderers and I'm very happy you guys said yes!

How can we Enjoy A Family Holiday With Confidence?

At These Little Wanderers, we are passionate about family & travelling. Here you will find tips & tricks to help get you & your family out on the road. Visit our directory for places to visit, things to see & do around our amazing country. Visit our blog for all the tips you can get on travelling with your whole family. 

Love Michelle x