Frog Orange wetsuit baby carrier

Meet team Frog...

I have to say, I am happiest when I am in the water - the smell, the salt, how it invigorates me.

I grew up in Melbourne and as a kid we spent winter holidays at the Gold Coast, and our summer holidays at various beach spots closer to Melbourne, mainly Point Lonsdale or Portsea. I have memories of getting tossed around by waves as my dad watched from under the umbrella and my mum watched from the foreshore on her beach chair.

My best friend, who lived in our street, had a pool and we would spend hours playing games with her sisters. We even used to jump off the balcony and into the pool! Now that I am a mother, that does give me a bit of a lump in my throat and it’s certainly not something I would be encouraging my girls to try! My fondest memories always include the water.

At 35 years old, I learnt how to surf and haven’t looked back. I might be a late adopter, but I figure better late than never.. There’s something about being out there and being free, maybe it’s just that my kids can’t ask me for food when I’m out surfing!

It was my husband who originally came up with the idea for the Frog Orange baby carrier for water. He wasn’t confident holding our first-born as she was so slippery when wet! There were mesh wraps available but they weren’t very manly and you had to wrap and tie them a certain way. We wondered why there wasn’t a baby carrier for the water that just had buckles, and this was the start of a three year journey of designing and prototyping our product.  It was designed with mums and dads in mind, which is why it has a sporty look and of course, the easy to use click buckles that my husband requested. We love that it is colourful and evokes a sense of fun, whilst also being a product for safety. Our aim was to make water fun easier for families of little ones.

Today, I enjoy taking my three girls to the beach and sharing with them, my passion and connection to the water. We mainly head to the Brighton beach boxes or the pool. With three girls under 4 years of age, taking all three with me into the water is only possible if I have my youngest in the carrier. That way, my arms are free to pull the other two on their noodles.

Since we launched the Frog Orange baby carrier for water in December last year, I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback. It’s so rewarding to see an idea come to reality and have people appreciate the product for what it is.

Love Victoria x

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